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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my advert be published for?
You can select 3, 6 or 12 months.
How many adverts can I place?
You can place as many adverts as you wish.
Who can place adverts?
Registered users can place adverts regarding the sale of their website and or e-business.
Who can respond to my advert?
Only registered users can respond to your advert.
Do I have to publish my name and address?
No, not unless you want you. You can preserve your anonymity.
Do I have to publish the address / url of my website?
No, not unless you want to. You can preserve your anonymity.
How much information do I have to publish about my website / e-business?
You can publish as much or as little as required.
Can I add images or screenshots to my advert?
Yes, once your advert is created and paid for you may add up to 3 images.
Can I republish my advert after withdrawing it?
Yes you can republish at any time, as long the advert is still within its paid for period.
Can I restore or republish my advert after the time period has elapsed?
Yes you can restore an expired advert at any time, by selecting a time period and paying for it.
What is the "Business based in" section?
This tells users where your business is based, even though your target market may be in different region.
What is S.A.V.?
Stock at Valuation. This means that where a business holds stock, they will include their stock in a sale, at a separately agreed price from that of the business purchase price, at that time.
How will users reply to my advert?
If you wish to preserve your anonymity and privacy you should not place your email address or url in your advert. In this case only a registered user can reply to your advert. Alternatively if privacy is not an issue you may publish your email address and url in your advert, and anyone reading the advert can respond to you (this may invite spam or bogus enquiries).
How will I receive that enquiry from a user?
In your account area you will see an inbox showing you all enquiries - you can respond to the enquiries here, and begin conversations.
Will the enquirer be disclosed to me as an advertiser?
Our messaging system preserves the enquirers and the advertisers anonymity, and you may send numerous communications to each before either party wishes to formally introduce themselves to each other. will never disclose data about one user to another.
At what point do advertisers and enquirers (buyers and sellers) become introduced without anonymity?
Both parties will need to introduce themselves to each other, in order to further negotiations and enquiries at some point - the timing of which will depend on the advertiser and enquirer.
Can we continue to use the messaging system after we have been introduced?
Yes of course, but you may wish to contact the other party by direct email or telephone, or meeting instead.
What if I don't want to hear from another user, or someone is sending me spam messages?
We hope this doesn't happen, but in the event that it does, you can block all future messages from any user in the messaging system.
Can I withdraw my advert after my website / e-business is sold?
Yes you can withdraw your advert at any time.
Will I receive a refund for any remaining time in my advert period after I withdraw the advert?
No, once the advert is paid for no refund can be given.
Will help me negotiate or act as an agent for me ? only provides a medium for your adverts, it does not represent, act for or negotiate on behalf of any advertiser or user.

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